About Milda.

Milda Bublys is a former Fashion Institute of Technology Professor, and has been in the fashion industry for over 16+ years.

Milda's work has achieved international acclaim, being well-received in Italy, Lithuania, as well as New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. She has worked in the New York fashion industry for labels such as Alexander McQueen, as well as mass-market retailers like Target Stores. Various stints, such as a costumer on Broadway, have shaped her colorful career- experiences in which she hopes to share with others.

Milda also designs a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces made from vintage and repurposed materials. To see her most current work, and to shop the collection of dresses, turbans, and jewelry, please visit www.mildabublys.com.

As purveyor of The Stitch n' Style Studio, she hopes to spread her knowledge and love of fashion to all ages.

With Milda’s knowledge and organizational skills, she has helped me get me on a path where I have more confidence in knowing that I can make it, as well as to where I want to be in the future.
— Priscilla T., 2015
Designer and Instructor Milda Bublys.

Designer and Instructor Milda Bublys.

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