Alternative Alterations Workshop In Los Angeles 11/20!

Alternative Alterations Workshop with Milda Bublys @Maker's Mess 

Sunday 11/20 11a-2p 

$75 individual:

bring a pal for $139 :

In this class, you will learn how to creatively alter and repurpose clothing using a variety of “visible mending” techniques. Taking influence from Japanese sashiko, American quilt-making, and the current fiber art trend, instructor Milda Bublys of @MildaDesigns will guide you through this meditative hand-sewn practice to enhance and make your garments a work of art. 

All Materials are included, however, students are encouraged to bring their torn, stained or gently used garments that are in need of repair/alteration. Woven (non-stretch) items preferred.

A Friday Fright + Giggle

Guys, because it’s a Friday, I sensed that you needed some silliness in your life to guide you merrily into the weekend and happy hour. 

Well…. I have provided that and then some. 

I’d like to dedicate this to my friend Tom, who never fails to try and spook me, then promptly pee his pants in laughter right after. This Bud’s for you, Tom.

I also explain a bit more about what the e-course looks like,  STARTING YOUR OWN FASHION BUSINESS! <-------CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO AND PRICING!



You should know that I will be coming to you LIVE on Facebook to answer all your burning questions on this course.

WHEN:  Monday 9/26 from 1-1:30pm. 

Here’s the link, and please be sure to put it in your calendar:

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3 Super Tips on Detecting A Quality Garment

You might have often wondered why that awesome dress you snagged from Forever 21 for $29 smackeroos looks just as cute and expensive as a fabulous piece from Gucci…..right? Sure, fresh from the store, first time wear, and perfect for a selfie with three Instagram filters. But truth be told, once you’ve washed it, or been stuck in a sweltering heat, you’ll soon discover the trappings of cheap polyester. The seams start to pucker and twist from side seam to the front of your body or, the little threads start to pop and hang down. After a few wears, the thing just falls apart (or tears at the seam!), but you’re cool to surrender it to Goodwill or the trash bin, because it only cost you, like, $30 anyway.

You wouldn’t compare a meal at Taco Bell to dinner at Jean Georges, right?

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How to Work In Fashion

You want a job in fashion - great! First, what you need to do is assess your talents and make a list. Why the list? Well, there are simply so many jobs in fashion, and there are also many kinds of designers. For example, not all designers are great drawers, but they can learn to illustrate just enough to be able to convey their ideas more clearly. Perhaps you are great at assembling collages, or can put together an outfit in an entirely unique and fresh way.

Your list could look like this:

-I’m great at spotting and starting trends.

-I know how to sew well.

-Im really good at fine art like painting and sculpture.

Your talents in sewing, for example, might steer you in the direction of working more hands-on in a workroom creating custom made clothing. For example, I was a decent enough sewer to get a job making costumes in NYC for huge Broadway shows like “Wicked” and “Legally Blonde”. It was thrilling. Not a good sewer? Not a problem! I had a talented student who loved to make “doodles”. Doodles they were not- they were beautiful drawings that were perfect to be developed into prints on textile. Even though she wanted to go into fashion design, her talents screamed textile and surface design to me! I think if she combined both trades, there would be nothing stopping her success.

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