3 Super Tips on Detecting A Quality Garment

You might have often wondered why that awesome dress you snagged from Forever 21 for $29 smackeroos looks just as cute and expensive as a fabulous piece from Gucci…..right? Sure, fresh from the store, first time wear, and perfect for a selfie with three Instagram filters. But truth be told, once you’ve washed it, or been stuck in a sweltering heat, you’ll soon discover the trappings of cheap polyester. The seams start to pucker and twist from side seam to the front of your body or, the little threads start to pop and hang down. After a few wears, the thing just falls apart (or tears at the seam!), but you’re cool to surrender it to Goodwill or the trash bin, because it only cost you, like, $30 anyway.

You wouldn’t compare a meal at Taco Bell to dinner at Jean Georges, right?

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