Market Research Questionnaire 

Thank You SO, SO Much for taking the time to fill out the below questionnaire. All the information you provide below will help tremendously while I gather market research for my new business. Rest assured that no information will be shared with other parties or sold in any way- all will be kept private. And did I say thank you? THANK YOU. As soon as I launch, I will send you a free gift.

Have a fabulous day! And if you have anything to add to the survey, please feel free to shoot me an email at

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Income *
I realize that reporting your income is really personal, but an accurate number really helps me create product priced for the largest segment of the market. If you prefer, however, answer at least one of the last 3 questions.
1. If you attend comicons, do you buy costume-related items (detachable horns, warbla, capes, masks, etc.)? *
2. If you buy costume related items, how much do you spend on average? *
3. How important is accuracy of the costume’s execution and level of detail for you? *
4. What is the most important part of the costume for you? (Check All that Apply) *
5. How many costumes do you wear to events in one year? *
6. What is your favorite genre of costume? (Check All that Apply) *
9. Do you make your own costumes to wear to fan events/comicons? *
10. If you construct your own costume, how do you make it? (Check all that apply)
11. How do you find out how to make it + which construction methods to use? (Check all that apply)
12. Do you have other costume-making skills other than sewing?
13. How would you rate your sewing and garment construction skills?
14. Why do you make your own costume?
15. How much do you spend on materials for your costume (on average)?
16. How much time do you need to make your costume (on average)?
17. Where do you find your materials for your costume?
18. What are some problems you encounter when making your costume?
19. Do you ever sew with a traditional pattern?
20. What do you like about sewing with a pattern? (Circle all that apply)
21. What do you NOT like about sewing with a pattern? (Circle all that apply)
22. Where do you get your patterns from? (Circle all that apply)
23. Do you like the variety and choice of patterns available to you now?
24. How much would you pay for a pattern of a single costume?
25. How much would you pay for a pattern of a group of costumes in the same theme where you’d could have multiple styles + designs?
26. Do you prefer hard copies of patterns, or digital ones you can download off the internet and print-at-home?
27. Do you hire someone to make your costume or parts of your costume for you?
28. How do you find people to help you make your costume?
29. What is the minimum you would pay to hire someone to make a costume or a costume-related item?
30. What is the maximum you would pay to hire someone to make a costume or a costume-related item?
31. How happy are you with the results of a costume someone has made for you?
36. If YES, How much would you pay monthly to subscribe to a website that offered all the above services?